About us

We are a professional painting and decorating company based in Tooting, London. With over 20 years of international experience in the painting and decorating field, we specialize in high quality interior decorating, exterior painting, renovation and restoration. We offer very reliable services, unique quality of work, competitive prices and the ability to meet the deadlines with minimum disruptions to the property.

What we offer
  • Interior and Exterior Painting & Decorating

  • Residential and Commercial Painting & Decorating

  • Hand Painted Kitchens

  • Water Leak Damage Repair

  • Other Handyman Services

What you get
  • The highest quality of painting and decorating work

  • Quick, reliable and hassle free services

  • Professional painters and decorators

  • Free no obligation quote

  • Competitive pricing

How we work

We pay close attention to all aspects of painting and decorating process, especially:


1. Protecting

Removing or covering items, protecting floors, moving or masking switches and sockets


2. Preparing

Washing surfaces, filling cracks and gaps, skimming the surfaces, removing stains


3. Decorating

Paintinting with double-checking the surface quality between coats


4. Cleaning

Disposing all of rubbish, general cleaning, moving all the items back - our goal is to leave the place very clean

Before & After

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Vobi Decorating guarantees a perfect finish